Shikha and Vincie have been living in South Delhi since 2007 and till September 2013, they would constantly worry about the health of their children because of the water that they were using for bathing, brushing their teeth and washing their hands, for the rest they were using bottled/RO Water.

The only solution was to get the tanks cleaned regularly, but the cleaning guy who entered the tank would be dirty himself. He would be there in dirty stinky clothes and chewing his paan.  Looking at him, they would often wonder whether he is cleaning their tank or maybe just passing on some skin disease to them. They really did not feel like having a bath with the water from the tank that they had got cleaned because of this person who had got in.

Adding to the problem was the erratic water supply. Once they emptied their tanks, they would then anxiously wait for the water supply to come or else resort to ordering water through a tanker.

It was in this background that they decided to take matters in our own hands. After a lot of research they came up with these machines and cleaned their tanks on their own.

This implied the following:

  1. No emptying of the water tank
  2. No human being getting inside the tank
  3. Minimal wastage of water in the tank (around 25-30% of the tank’s capacity)
  4. The process would take 25-30 minutes for any tank upto a 1000 litres and close to an hour for any tank up to the capacity of 5000 litres

They were thrilled with what they had and decided that this non – invasive, hygienic methodology ought to be spread. That is when GD Water Consult was born.

They have trained operators who go about cleaning your tanks with quiet and clinical efficiency.