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Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

If you were to look inside your tanks, you will see that all the mud, dirt and silt, is settled at the bottom of your tanks and some of it sticks to the side . This becomes a medium for all the fungus , bacteria and all slimy creatures (earthworms) to start growing in your tanks.

We have found live earthworms in the drinking water tanks of a house in Posh Vasant Vihar New Delhi.

This medium (mud, dirt and silt) needs to be taken out of your water tanks regularly to keep your water safe and you healthy.
While cleaning your tanks we do not enter your tanks or empty your tanks .

As we don’t enter your tanks , we don’t leave any diseases in your water tanks, so it is totally hygienic .

We use specially designed machines to remove this mud dirt and silt from your tanks while leaving most of the water in your tanks. We just put in a pipe which has a brush at the end of it.

During a regular procedure about 25% to 30% of the tanks capacity of water will get wasted leaving the rest as is.

Water Tank Cleaners in Delhi NCR - GD Water Consult

During the first procedure more water may be wasted. The wastage depends upon:

  • How dirty the tanks are
  • When were they last cleaned
  • How much fungus/ algae/ moss is there
  • Type of water whether Govt. Supply/Jal Board or Boring
Water Tank Cleaning in Delhi


Water Tank Cleaners in Delhi - GD water Consult